Ecotourism at La Hesperia






If you just want to enjoy a leisurely get-a-way on a historic Ecuadorian family farm, La Hesperia is the perfect place.  Pay a little more and get pampered.  The accommodations are comfortable and have a rural elegance that welcomes you to imagine the long history that has gone on at the ranch and in the region.  Now dedicated to preserve the cloud forest that has hosted generation after generation from ancestral communities to colonists and farmers, the farm offers a unique Ecuadorian experience.


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The Traveling, Volunteering and Learning Program (TVL) is ideal for those who do not have much time to travel (two weeks), but still want to do something worthwhile.


In our TVL program, participants will have the opportunity to learn about the conservation efforts that are being made at La Hesperia, as well as about the ecology of the cloud forest and the wildlife of the area.  Not only will they be able to learn and ask questions, they’ll also have the chance to experience conservation hands on through reforestation and eco-construction projects.  In the forest, hiking and observing, they’ll develop an understanding of the importance of conservation and the problems that we are working against. Trips to the town and to a local indigenous community will round out their time at La Hesperia, giving them a chance to experience the culture and traditions of Ecuador.  They will leave with new perspectives and a better understanding of life and conservation in the Ecuadorian cloud forest. This program is an amazing opportunity for individuals of all ages and groups. School groups welcome.




At La Hesperia we design educational programs according to the interest and needs of schools and universities. We work on a regular basis with the Boston University, San Francisco University, Universidad Católica, International World Learning, La Condamine School (classe verte), British School Quito, Cotopaxi Academy, several Ecuadorian Public Schools and several USA High Schools.




To improve the experience of our visitors and volunteers we offer Spanish classes at a reasonable cost.






Volunteer House: It has a capacity for 25 volunteers or students in seven rooms. The house has running water, electricity, four bathrooms and hot showers, telephone for emergencies and excellent views of the forest. 


Hacienda House: The house is used for visitors, researchers, families and student groups. It has a capacity for 21 people.


San Antonio House: It has three rooms with private bathroom.




We offer a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals that includes traditional Ecuadorian food. A lot of the products are organic and come from our vegetable garden.






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 Volunteer and Internship Program

Our goal is to support, strengthen and enhance our partners conservation program by sending individuals interested in working and supporting the protection of Ecuador and Venezuela native forest and ecosystems. (Read more)


The Parrotlet Project


Do Parrots Name Their Babies?

While studying Green-rumplet Parrolets in Venezuela, National Geographic Explorer and Great Wilderness Board member, Dr. Karl Berg, discovered an incredibly rare behavior.

The Parrolet Project (Video)

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Forest Fund

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Earth Day 2018 marks the celebration of a two-year partnership with Forest Fund. Forest Fund supports conservation of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil with the help of Great Wilderness and donors worldwide. Together we are turning landowners into forest protectors by providing opportunity cost payments to the landowner to keep the forest standing in one of the most ecologically important and threatened areas of the world. Read more     



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