About Great Wilderness

about great wilderness organizationGreat Wilderness is a California-based, international, non-profit conservation organization. Our mission is to support protection of tropical biodiversity where preservation and conservation of natural ecosystems are critical to sustaining life on earth. 

We address the needs of people and all inhabitants of tropical ecosystems through our work in economic sustainability, education, healthcare, social justice and scientific research. We envision a global community dedicated to the protection and maintenance of the earth's life support systems.

Founded in 2006, Great Wilderness is a California-based grassroots effort of scientists, educators, engineers, communicators and conservationists working globally through a network of local partners to advance an ecosystem-based wilderness ethic. The name is derived from "jatun sacha", which in the language of the Incas means "Great Wilderness", the organization has a focus on the terrestrial and marine ecosystems of tropical  countries.

With nonprofit partners and resources in Ecuador, Venezuela, and Peru, the organization acts as a US-based extension for local groups with efforts directed towards raising public awareness on wilderness conservation issues, creating community owned-market based solutions to conservation, economic development, health and education. The Great Wilderness team uses a unique combination of field expeditions, workshops, research, e-based social networking and media communications as primary tools for conservation advocacy.
With a mission is to maintain the natural systems necessary to support life on Earth, Great Wilderness believes that the key to sustaining the web of life is the protection of critical, intact wilderness areas.

Click here to read more about our two recently funded specific projects in Esmeraldes Province.

Welcome, Everyone


 Greetings! - Great Wilderness continues to work on biodiversity preservation in both Ecuador and Venezuela. We are succeeding in our mission to "Help People Help Nature."

 Please consider donating to Great Wilderness. It is easy to go to our website and donate. Thanks in advance for any help you can give to our organization.

 Volunteer and Internship Program

Our goal is to support, strengthen and enhance our partners conservation program by sending individuals interested in working and supporting the protection of Ecuador and Venezuela native forest and ecosystems. (Read more)


The Parrotlet Project


Do Parrots Name Their Babies?

While studying Green-rumplet Parrolets in Venezuela, National Geographic Explorer and Great Wilderness Board member, Dr. Karl Berg, discovered an incredibly rare behavior.

The Parrolet Project (Video)

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Forest Fund

Dear Family and Friends,


Earth Day 2018 marks the celebration of a two-year partnership with Forest Fund. Forest Fund supports conservation of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil with the help of Great Wilderness and donors worldwide. Together we are turning landowners into forest protectors by providing opportunity cost payments to the landowner to keep the forest standing in one of the most ecologically important and threatened areas of the world. Read more     



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